Stratis: Blockchain Applications For The Corporate World

Founded by Chris Trew in London, UK, Stratis (STRAT) is an ambitious project aiming to provide affordable, developer-friendly and scalable blockchain applications to the corporate world. At the time of writing, the STRAT coin has achieved a $370,460,111 USD market capitalization (25th largest cap among cryptocurrencies).


Stratis blockchain apps can be developed in pure C# and can also utilize the Microsoft .NET framework, while also taking advantage of the Stratis APIs and framework. Stratis aims to simplify the development process for creating blockchain applications and speed up the development life-cycle for blockchain development projects.

Furthermore, Stratis private chains allow businesses to deploy their own customized blockchains without the cost associated with running their own blockchain environment. Stratis’ turnkey solution enables developers to create, test and deploy blockchain-based applications quickly and easily, minimizing overhead and security concerns that sometimes comes with in-house development.

Use Cases

The Stratis team has worked on a number of use cases, publishing the following papers: “Medical Research: Transparency of scientific publications”, “Provenance: Product tracking and verification”, “Fintech: Identity management” and “Internet of Things: Data recording and management”.

Stratis Academy

Stratis has set up its own academy which aims to help developers understand the platform and the impact of blockchain technology on people’s lives.

Stratis is a promising project due to its flexible solutions as well as the potential cost reduction clients could benefit from.

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Written By: Phil Siarri

Phil Siarri is an innovation management professional and fintech observer. He has been selected as one of Canada’s top 40 social influencers in finance, innovation and risk by Thomson Reuters, as well as top 50 fintech influencers in Montreal by FinFusion.

Phil Siarri