Our Slack Community for US & Canadian Stock Investors Now Has Over 500 Members!

Hey Investors!

When the community was born in late June 2016, I envisioned developing a strong group of knowledgeable and diverse individuals that would share news, ideas, opinions, and experiences in a real-time chat. Six months in and we are starting to get there. Now with over 500 members in the group with members from all over the world, we are starting to see a community of investors chatting about new ways and new ideas to make money together. Not only that, but my expectations have been surpassed and what we are seeing is a true community of people who are genuinely looking to help each other grow and make money. 

For those who are unsure what to expect in the chat, I like to use the analogy of a highly organized Whatsapp/messenger/iMessage group chat. Slack allows the chat to be organized in different topics (known as channels). This way the chat is never over engaged and hard to keep up with. Many people tend to ask why they should join a stock trading chat group when there are hundreds if not thousands of other platforms like forums, Facebook groups, subreddits, and apps. I think what makes our chat community superior to those is that the real-time aspect works much better with stock trading then do forums. Stock prices change instantly and a buying opportunity could be a missed opportunity very quickly. Getting quick feedback from others right away is very powerful. Especially when the platform itself is easily accessible on any device, mobile device included. Also, sharing documents, links, images, and other multimedia is incredibly easy. Exactly as easy as sharing things with friends in chat message app. Lastly, communication is ephemeral, chat based knowledge sharing is a better way to learn and discuss because it allows for natural discussion where going off topic can help think of new ideas and new opportunities. 

Who is the community for? Anyone with an interest in stock investing primarily in US and Canadian stocks. The strength of the community is when people of different knowledge bases, experiences, and styles come together. The phrase, "two minds are better than one" applies perfectly here, but instead of two minds, there are over 500 minds. Even beginner investors are welcomed so that they can begin their investing careers with proper information from seasoned veterans. Here is an example: 


As you can see, we are extremely pride of being a true community and being a warm and safe place for investors of any background to come in and converse, learn, and share. We aren't building for quantity, but are building for quality. 

If you would like to try out our community, you can try it for 30 days for FREE using coupon code KNOWLEDGEISMONEY. Click on the image below to be re-directed to the checkout. This ensures that you are 100% satisfied with the community before committing to be a full member. This allows us to be certain that new members are getting true value. 

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me either through the contact form on the website or by tweeting me at @harv_79