Profitable Blockchain Disruptions in The Near Future

The technological hype of the internet century is moving away to a new age - the blockchain age. Soon, we will not be able to single out any business that won’t be using this new technology at least to some extent.

More so, there are plenty of investment opportunities for those looking to profit from this new technological advancement.

Disruption in the World of Finance

At the moment, we are already experiencing blockchain disruption in the banking industry. Its main contribution to this sector consists of significantly improved cross-border money transfers. Unlike traditional models, blockchain-based money transfers cut out the middleman, reduce fees, and speed up the whole process.

Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management

Many industries rely on the supply chain industry. A reliable and efficient supply management system is very critical to the success of the majority of businesses.

At the moment, most supply chain management systems are faced with issues including delays, misappropriation of funds, lack of trust, and fraud.

Unfortunately, this is one of the areas that has not faced any real improvement in recent years. The issues it is facing need immediate remedying. There is a need for better accountability, improved transparency, and enhanced traceability.

With the blockchain technology, all this could be achieved in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

We have already went in 2019 with the expectation that blockchain-powered supply chain management will come along with provenance making it easier to trace any mistakes. In a nutshell, decentralizing supply chain management seems to be the most realistic application of blockchain in the near future, right after the banking industry.

Blockchain disruptions will continue to take center stage across a number of industries worldwide. Blockchain investments that have already started with pilot projects are expected to mature in 2019 and beyond, with technology experts claiming that the hype will move on from cryptos to other niches.