Introducing Hashtag Investing 3.0: A Premium Social Platform for Stock Market Investors

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I wanted to take some time to introduce what we are building and a few sneak peak and snippets of our new community platform as I think it will give people a perspective into what we are building, and most importantly, why we are building it.

What is Hashtag Investing and how did it start?

Hashtag Investing is simply a community network of stock investors looking to learn, share, and discuss stocks, stock markets, equities, and other investments online in real-time. When we first started out we started building this community using Slack. Slack is a business communication tool that allows companies to chat and discuss internally. In a sense, it is meant to replace email where it can handle hundreds and even thousands of users in a group chat-like setting. Slack has been a key system for us in growing and starting out and there will be some members that will stick within that platform naturally.

As the community numbers grew to the multiple hundreds, growing pains of using Slack were starting to reveal itself. As more members come in, the increase in content being posted started flooding the Slack chat, which caused valuable messages, and posts to be overlooked and not readily searchable. This meant that members could become overwhelmed and didn’t really get value. This resulted in them no longer posting, which then resulted in a low influx of content being posted. It was a constant challenge to keep the influx of content at proper level, but as a community that was trying to grow, the idea of limiting content and growth didn’t make sense.

Furthermore, using Slack is great for ephemeral and real-time discussion of current events, but for topics that need to be searchable and found easily is doesn’t really work. Eventually, as growth stagnated, and churn increased, we had to take a deeper look inside to finally make the decision of using a brand new platform…

What makes Hashtag Investing 3.0 Different?

A lot of things, and let’s go through some of them!

A complete social network:

With Slack we were essentially a group chat on steroids, now we are essentially the stock investor version of LinkedIN or Facebook (without the privacy issues of course). This means you can follow and connect with other stock investors, you can direct message individuals, or create group chats among anybody, you can edit your profile and see all of the content any member has posted. You can easily see who is online, active, and the type of investor each member is and what they are watching and are currently trading. Everything is mobile friendly, which means you can sign in from anywhere and continue discussions with absolutely anybody. This becomes an incredibly valuable knowledge pool for investors to make better informed and validated decisions. Android and iOS applications will be launched within 2-3 months. Hashtag Investing naturally is getting a reputation as a good alternative to Stocktwits with higher emphasis on quality as opposed to quantity. We are serious about having absolutely 0 spam and trolls.

Modern forums for meaty content:

Forums are nothing new, we know. They are one of the oldest community platforms on the internet, so why are we so excited? Our forums aren’t the old school style like other stock investing forums. We boast a 21st century modern look, functionality, and scalability. On top of that, it’s completely mobile friendly. Creating forum posts allow members to organize content in an incredibly simple way that allows it to be seen by all investors, but also allows it to be nicely filtered in case you want to find things pertaining to a certain filter. Only want to see posts related to value investing? No problem. How about you want to see all posts related to learning resources? Done.

Unlike some popular sub-reddits, our forum is built for investing discussion. Our tags and labels allow that all content is perfectly organized for future discovery and searches. Here is what creating a forum post looks like! One of our goals is to make Hashtag Investing the best forum for stock investors.


Live chat and Group Chat Functionality:

Staying true to our founding platform of Slack, chat functionality was a must. Our new stock investing chat functions allow for group chats, direct messaging, channel chats and more. Essentially, our group chats give you a feel of a stock investing whatsapp group or telegram group. Again, all of this is mobile friendly so you can chat on the go anytime.

We expect our group chats for stock market, stocks, options, and day trading to be focused on more intra-day, ephemeral type discussion, leaving the detailed meaty content for the forums.

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Vet Trades Using Community Polls

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Many times while considering making a trade, an investor just want’s to run a trade by others. Rather than creating a discussion, a simple BUY, SELL, HOLD poll would suffice. With our trade vetting community polls users can do just that. Within seconds a user could easily ask a question, create multiple choice answers, and submit it to thousands of stock investors. Comments allow for discussion where different diverse ideas can explain their answer choices.

In this example, you can see super quick results for the poll question, “Will there be a market correction within the next 12 months?”.

Partnered Deals for Added Benefits to Members

As a community of stock investors, one of the things we can leverage is partnered deals with other online leading stock investing tools and services. As a member you get access to promo codes and discounts to some major brands including Benzinga, Sure Dividend, ValueWalk, Webull, Trendspider, and many more. We hope to become the best online social network for stock investors and providing a plethora of promotions to other services is a piece of that puzzle. To view some specific promotions you can view our partners page here.

Harvi Sadhra