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Hey investors! 

Recently there has been a massive trend of communication apps gearing towards chat. It is not a new technology, SMS texting has been around for a while and applications like Whatsapp, BBM, Imessage, and recently Facebook messenger and Google's very new Allo messenger are coming out strong with new and better customer features. Why is everyone putting so much money in innovating chat? 

I personally believe chat is still under utilized. Not for personal use like talking to friends and family, but real communities are still stuck on forum based platforms. Forums are great to have but chat offers a much better experience. Firstly, it is 100% mobile and real-time. Meaning you can easily message 100's of people from anywhere in the world as easy as a Imessage. Sending images, documents, files, GIF's, and articles are much easier in a chat based platform. It allows for an engaging discussion where people can discuss amongst each other, all while having polls, and other custom "bots" in the chat. We use Slack as our platform and it acts a great way to grow a community. There are plenty of Slack communities out there and we are hoping to be the best Investing Slack community. 

In #Investing we have added several custom bots for our users. Some basic ones that allow quoting of stock prices, and other that actually show news and related information to a given stock. These include Buttonwood and Closingbell. We also have included a bot that allows polling. Anyone can simply ask a poll question regarding anything on their mind. We did it with asking members what they thought of the Tesla stock on a rank of 1-5. It makes it easier to discuss and learn what others are thinking. Here is one example: 

Our chat isn't for everyone. It is for the people who truly love discussing investing ideas and opportunities with others. Someone who is extremely passionate about learning new ways, and talking to people globally about ways they are making money. We aren't building a community for numbers, we are building a community with an extremely strong quality of users. If this sounds like you feel free to subscribe to participate in our chat.