Press Release: Hashtag Investing Partnering with Share Alpha to Provide Stock Traders a Powerful Stock Discovery Tool

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ShareAlpha is a new proprietary stock discovery and investment strategy screener offering its solutions exclusively through business partners.


TORONTO, August 20th, 2018 - Hashtag Investing, a quickly growing online platform for DIY stock investors is growing their toolkit to further provide value to self-managing stock traders with a new partnership with Share Alpha. 

Share Alpha has been building a proprietary quantitative analysis system that allows stock investors to discover new stocks, strategies, and portfolio's by allowing users to enter certain inputs first. Inputs include, factors, US, Canada or European markets, risk level, and as well the number of stocks they would like to have in their portfolio. You read more about Share Alpha here in a exclusive Q&A interview with co-founder Patrick Kuczynski. 

The new stock discovery tool has already been tested among current members of the Hashtag Investing chat community as well as other prominent investing communities. With strong feedback the tool is being perfected for launch. "Getting quick feedback from our members was extremely powerful for Share Alpha to further improve their tool. One of the screeners that allows users to select their favorite legendary stock investors, like Warren Buffett, and then view potential stocks they would trade was an early feature request.", says Harvi Sadhra, CEO and  Founder of Hashtag Investing. 

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The new tool is currently available to existing members!


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