Emercoin: A Powerful Suite of Blockchain Services

Emercoin (EMC) is a crypto-asset that has flown under the radar of many blockchain enthusiasts. Created in December 2013 as a fork of PeerCoin, Emercoin is a digital currency and blockchain service platform based in the United Kingdom. Its market capitalization amounted to $187,014,959 USD at the time of writing.



The platform provides users with the ability to code programs and develop apps in a streamlined manner. It brings a number of functional services to technical resources of different levels.


Secure shell management system needed by every site admin.


System for passwordless authentication on the web.


Storage for electronic business cards.


Uncensored domain name system.


Trusted storage for digital timestamps on the blockchain.


Distributed torrent tracker for internet file sharing.


Decentralized pay-per-click advertising network.


Digital proof of ownership solution for physical or digital goods and services.



In the last few years, Emercoin has secured a number of interesting partnerships. In early 2016, Emercoin announced an agreement with Microsoft, delivering its services to the Azure Cloud marketplace.

"Emercoin will be delivering their suite of blockchain services into the Azure cloud later this year. This will give Azure cloud users the ability to install and make use of Emercoin’s many services such as digital proof of ownership and identity, passwordless authentication on the internet, network security, the first distributed advertising network and many E-commerce solutions like the Emercoin secure micropayment service."

In March 2017, Big Four accounting firm Deloitte announced a document flow framework based on Emercoin.

"'Big four’ consultancy firm Deloitte presented a new system of electronic document flow on the Emercoin blockchain, at the BlockchainUA Conference held in Kyiv on March 17.

Called ‘DocSensus’, the new system has been developed in Deloitte’s Kyiv office. It is a register of corporate documentation based on the technology of the Emercoin blockchain. It is a complete concept of decentralized document flow for business, individuals, and the state.

DocSensus is able to radically change the existing document flow and protect any document from unauthorized changes, false representations, and losses. Unlike many other existing solutions in the field of document flow and legal data storage, the reliability of this system is ensured by blockchain technology."

On February 13, the Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) announced a strategic partnership with Emercoin to develop social and governance projects.

"Both groups will work together to pursue ground-breaking blockchain pilots designed to meet global social and governance challenges.The BTA-Emercoin partnership stems from a shared conviction that blockchain technology will be the right technical solution to improve transparency, accountability, and security of institutions worldwide."

There are many things to like about Emercoin, from its varied service offering to the many partnerships it has managed to secure, EMC is definitely on my watchlist.


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Written By: Phil Siarri

Phil Siarri is an innovation management professional and fintech observer. He has been selected as one of Canada’s top 40 social influencers in finance, innovation and risk by Thomson Reuters, as well as top 50 fintech influencers in Montreal by FinFusion.

Phil Siarri