Hashtag Investing Now Introducing #CryptoChat!

If you haven't heard of the words "crypto currency", "crypto", "bitcoin", "alt coins" then you definitely have been living under a rock... Welcome back to the world! 

Crypto currency is all the noise in today's society as an interesting and potentially disruptive creation. Many people in the crypto world see it as the coming of a global currency, some see it as an incredible opportunity in a young currency to make handsome profits. Others have no clue what they are doing and just following the masses. 

The facts are clear. Crypto is definitely a way to make lots of money, but also a way to lose lots of money... Sound familiar right? Right. The stock market is full of big winners and losers and mostly many in between. As knowledgeable investors in the Hashtag Investing community, we pride ourselves on education and actually knowing what is smart and what is not. By leveraging the brains of several hundred different intelligent investors we are able to make the right decision most of the time. 

For this reason, Hashtag Investing now has the best slack group for crypto trading and investing. We already have over 100's of crypto traders in the community chat discussing ideas in real-time. It is a great starting point for people who have no idea what they are doing but to learn from actual credible people and not just trolls. Our chat even allows for real-time price quoting on several different coins that are listed on www.coincap.io


At Hashtag Investing our focus is purely quality. We require an application to be filled out by all members and only allow a certain amount of members per week. This ensures that our quality discussions are never compromised and that each new member can receive and provide value. 

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