Top 25 Cryptocurrency Influencers You Should Follow Right Now!

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To make money from cryptocurrencies, you have to be up to date on the latest information on this lucrative industry. There is no better way to get this information than through influencers. These are individuals who are dedicated to not just trading, but also setting the trends when it comes to the crypto space. They are the people who can make a statement and the markets will listen. So who are some of the best influencers to follow in 2018? To help you out with this, Hashtag investing looks at the top 25 influencers to follow, and reap big in cryptos.

John McAfee

This tech veteran is one of the best guys to follow when it comes to cryptos. Through his twitter feed, he shares insights into different cryptos and the direction he thinks they will take. With his years of experience in tech, even his predictions of a $1 million bitcoin should be taken seriously. Follow McAfee on twitter @officialmcafee.

Jimmy Song

This is one guy who understands blockchain and cryptocurrency inside out. Wondering why? Well, consider the fact that he was a bitcoin developer, and is now a regular CoinDesk contributor. Follow him on twitter, and you will learn a lot about cryptocurrencies and how to make the most of them. Find Jimmy on Twitter @jimmysong.

Roger Ver

This guy is an early investor in almost all the major coins out there ranging from bitcoin to ZCash, as well as bitcoin exchanges such as Kraken. Through his twitter feed, he discusses different issues related to cryptocurrency. Follow Roger on twitter @rogerkver and learn a thing or two about cryptos.

Richard Brown

Brown heads the tech side of R3CEV, and also acts an advisor to different ICO projects in the market. This makes him the perfect person to follow if you are looking to make the most of upcoming ICO projects. His views can help give you insights as to which ICOs are sure bets to invest in. Follow Brown on twitter @gendal.

Chris Dixon

Way before blockchain, this guy was an early adopter of twitter. He later dived into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Clearly, he is a guy who has a knack for big hit technologies. By following him on twitter, you can learn a lot about the next big thing in crypto investments. Check him out on twitter @cdixon.

Tim Draper

This is a venture capitalist who has a knack for high risk. One of his riskiest moves was in 2014 when he bought 3000 bitcoins at a time when the markets were highly unstable. Clearly, he knew what he was doing, if bitcoin’s value growth since then is anything to go by. Following this guy gives you an information edge over other investors in the crypto space. Follow him on twitter @TimDraper.

Nicola duke

This guy trades cryptos for a living, and is quite successful going by the followers he has on Facebook. Following his daily Facebook discussions can help you make a fortune from cryptocurrency trading. You may also him on twitter @Nic Trades.

Arthur Hayes

Arthur is the founder of bitmex exchange, and is an expert on cryptocurrency derivatives. Through his twitter feed, you can learn a lot about how bitcoin derivatives work, and how to make the most from trading them. Follow Arthur on twitter @BITMEXdotcom.

Ben Horowitz

One of the founders and partner at Andreesen Horowitz, Ben is a well-informed cryptocurrency analyst and investor. Through his twitter feed, you can learn about the teams behind different cryptocurrencies, information that is very important when investing in these markets.  Follow Ben on twitter @bhorowitz.

Charles Lee

If you are looking for valuable knowledge about cryptocurrencies, it would make sense to take it from a creator of a successful crypto, right? Well, why not follow Charles Lee. This is the guy behind Litecoin. Lee is so well versed with crypto that he has worked as an engineering director at Coinbase. He is also one of the people behind SegWit. His ideas on cryptos are definitely worth following. Follow Lee on Twitter @SatoshiLite.

Blake Morrow

Morrow is one of the founders of Forex Analytix. Through his tweeter feed, he provides deep insights into cryptocurrency, by employing technical and fundamental trading strategies. You can follow Morrow on Twitter @PipCzar.

Catheryne Nicholson

Catheryne has cut a niche for herself in the crypto space by building the applications necessary to run blockchain in the cloud. This allows developers to create blockchain anchored apps. This is clearly someone who understands blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general, and following her on twitter can give valuable investment insights. You can follow Catherine on Twitter @Catheryne_N.

Charlie Shrem

Shrem is one of the bitcoin pioneers and also the brains behind the bitcoin foundation. With over 5 years working with cryptocurrency related startups, he is definitely a guy worth following in the crypto space. Check out his twitter account here @CharlieShrem

Barry Silbert

This is one of the guys behind CoinDesk and is also closely involved with the Ethereum project. Given that he has a portfolio of more than 100 alt-coins, he is clearly a guy who knows what he is doing when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Follow him and learn a thing or two about what constitutes a good cryptocurrency. Catch Silbert on twitter @barrysilbert.

Gavin Andresen

This guy is one of the core developers of the bitcoin platform. This gives him deep insight and knowledge on cryptocurrency and any time he speaks, the markets listen. He is a guy worth following on twitter if you want to invest in bitcoin or any other cryptos in the market. Follow him on twitter @gavenandresen.

Balaji Srinivasan

This is the guy to follow if you want to get all breaking news related to cryptocurrencies. He is a partner at Andreesen Horowitz and has vast knowledge of cryptocurrency that can be quite valuable to the average investor. You can follow him on twitter @balajis.

Tone Vays

Tone is one of the most successful bitcoin traders out there. If you follow his insightful analysis that he offers through a podcast, then you can make a success of yourself trading bitcoin. You may catch Vays on twitter @ToneVays.

Erick Voorhees

Erick is the CEO of Shapeshift a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange that also allows investors to create an investment portfolio on the platform. He is a person worth following given that he has been in the cryptomarket since 2011. Catch up with Erick on twitter @ErikVoorhees.

Mark Andreesen

This is the guy behind Netscape and has an extensive alt-coins holding. He has made a success by trading, and any insights he offers on the markets are worth following. Though he deleted his tweeter feed in 2016, you can always send him a message and get reviews on the best coins to invest in the moment. However, his advice comes at $100 per question, but it’s worth the money. Follow him on Twitter @pmarca.

Ameer Rosic

This guy has deep insights on blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets in general, thanks to his background as a blockchain software developer. You can learn a lot by following him on You Tube and also by checking out his website!

Ivan on Tech

Ivan is one of the greatest crypto influencers thanks to his commanding presence on YouTube. By subscribing to his YouTube channel, you can gain a good deal of knowledge on issues to do with cryptocurrencies.

Brian Armstrong

News do move the cryptomarket, and to take advantage of news, Brian Armstrong is the guy to follow. He is one of the founders of Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. This means that whatever he says has an impact on the crypto markets. Follow him on twitter @brian_armstrong.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik is one of the early adopters of bitcoin and has made a fortune from it. He is now involved with bitcoin magazine, and is was also part of the Ethereum developer team. Through his twitter handle, you can learn a lot about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Follow him on Twitter @VitalikButerin.

Fred Ehrsam

This is one of the founders of Coinbase. However, unlike Brian who is focused on news, Fred offers detailed personal insights on the markets through his social media accounts. Given that he is a co-founder of one of the largest exchanges on the planet, his insights are worth a lot. You may catch up with him on twitter @FEHrsam.

Nicolas Cary

This is the president of! That alone makes him a powerful person to follow for all things crypto. Through twitter, he offers insightful advice on cryptocurrencies by using his global travels as the backbone for taking different perspectives on cryptocurrencies. Follow him on twitter @niccary.


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