The Complete List of the 17 Best Swing Trading Chat Rooms in 2022

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Swing trading is a kind of trading strategy where traders try to capture short-to-medium term gains from a stock or any other financial instrument. This could last anytime from a period of few days to several weeks. Swing traders, the ones who usually use this trading strategy, primarily rely on technical analysis tools to identify the available trading opportunities. Some also use fundamental analysis to analyze the ongoing price trends and patterns.

Joining good swing trading chat rooms is a smart move if you are new to swing trading or want to learn about it more. However, finding a trustworthy chat room is extremely difficult. If you are in search of one, this article will help you out:

Full Disclosure: Hashtag Investing is an exclusive community and does have a chat component that has many swing trade ideas. The purpose of this article is to also share light on others as they each have a unique culture that may be right different people.

Options Trading Club

If you are looking for an options trading strategy chat room, then look no further than Options Trading Club. This is the best Discord server for options traders by far. With daily trade setups that include wheel strategies, simple calls, and puts, with daily commentary from highly skilled traders. Options Trading Club is a premium chatroom unlike others, so there is a qualification that is required. You can click here to see if you qualify.

Crypto Dads

The Crypto Dads discord community is one of the best discord chat rooms out there. It is a no-spam no-nonsense kind of community where everyone works in a collaborative manner, focusing on profiting off of NFTs and crypto trading. Their timely and well-researched updates on trend analysis and trade alerts provided by professional traders can be of immense help while making successful trades. Since this community is jammed-packed with crypto, NFT, and metaverse-related information it can contribute significant value to traders.

Hashtag Investing

Hashtag Investing offers an interactive chat room facility and has a highly diverse group of over 5000 members mainly from the North American and European regions. The discussions are not restricted to swing trades but also other strategies like fundamental analysis, dividend investing, value investing & more.

Swing traders can also find this group extremely helpful as they get easy access to the latest market happenings and thereby make much more informed decisions by discussing ideas and moves with fellow swing traders. New traders who are still learning about swing trading can get to see the trades made by the experienced fellow swing traders and learn their success strategies and subsequently implement those while making their own trades.


Use coupon HT50 at checkout (all caps) for a 50% coupon discount for BullTradeFinder. This discord server is a popular community for daily trade alerts, vibrant discussion and a mix of strategies. Gnotz, the community manager does a great job of getting the entire community to engage. There are also several trade callers in the group to provide actual trade alerts. If you are looking for a strong community with solid trade alerts then this is a good fit for you!

Bullish Bears Swing Trade Chat Room

This one is a platform that is full of diverse trading strategies focused on stocks and options. They’re a group of like-minded members who generally discuss different long-term plays or trading strategies like option spreads, iron condors, or naked calls and puts. It also holds different discussions about earnings, Fed policies, ongoing market conditions, and the like. Swing trading alerts are also provided.

One can use this platform for chatting or bouncing off several trade ideas, or just learn through paper trade. Additionally, it can also be the one-stop destination for those traders who want to learn about advanced-level strategies. To know if this is the one for you, avail the 14-day free trial.

Paul Singh’s Swing Trading Chat Room

This discord chat room has tons of useful features like an on-demand swing trading boot camp, mentorship facilities, access to swing trading reports, daily market updates, and many more.  So, it will suit you even if you are new to swing trading and want to explore the ways of navigating markets on a real-time basis or even if you are an experienced swing trader who wishes to discuss trades with a group of like-minded persons.

It has hundreds of active users who share their trading ideas 24/7. Therefore, in case of any confusion, one can just post their queries and get answers quickly.  Additionally, the room is designed as a highly professional one and has a very strict code of conduct rules. Any form of a breach may result in warnings or even deactivation of service in some cases.

Investors Underground

This one is home to more than 1,000 expert traders. It has a swing trading chat room that can be accessed on subscribing to the platform’s plans. Run by Michele Koenig, an experienced trader known as Tradeonthefly, the chat room is perfect for swing traders who trade using technical analysis. The ones who are too busy to track the stock movements all day will also find it extremely helpful as it provides great trading alerts.

Apart from the various educational courses, video sessions, or useful blog posts on this room, you get access to the annotated charts and various trade ideas Michele Koenig shares with the members. But read their policies properly before joining or you will be muted in the case of any policy breach.

One Option

This one also offers a dedicated chat room for swing trades. One Option is mainly focused on stocks and option trades, and their dedicated team provides research-backed trading alerts to those swing traders who hold positions for a few weeks. It is apt for both newbies and experienced traders because of its useful features like real-time market charts, powerful search options, buy/sell signals, etc.

Every week it also provides critically analyzed instruction videos to help traders buy options or sell spreads as per the ongoing market conditions. Those videos tell about at least four new trades every week with specific entry and exit instructions. Additionally, one also gets access to a highly efficient real-time trading platform that helps determine the probable trading opportunities available at that time and can be taken advantage of. Take their free trial option to see if it’s the one for you.

Underground Trader

This one has an additional swing trading chat room which operates most business days excluding holidays or some selected vacation periods. The platform offers great learning opportunities and its swing trading chat room service is apt for new learners as well because a membership into the room gives access to a huge amount of learning resources like various videos and articles including a huge resource library. Apart from that, regular trading alerts are also available everyday for the ones who are too busy to track the market’s movement.

One can also clear their doubts easily from professionals just by posting about their queries. Additionally, newbies can also opt for one-on-one online coaching classes or one-on-one mentorship programs to attain greater knowledge about swing trading.

Jason Bond Picks

This one is a subscription-based trade alert service provider having a swing trade chat room that provides up to 10 swing trade ideas every week having an annual profit target of $100,000. Subscribing to a plan will give access to quality educational resources, great alerts, along a very good support service.

The testimonials present on its website speak volumes about the fact that its services have actually helped traders make money. But the services charges are high and range from $399-$9,999 annually. Serious traders who opt for the most expensive plan can also avail special services like VIP chat rooms, direct access to Jason Bond’s live brokerage platforms, or mentorship/training webinars or TopStockPicks ETF services other than the annual package offered to others.

Spartan Trading

This one is a community of professional and intelligent traders who claim to hold high ethical values and strive towards improving to the highest standards. It is a very good platform for swing traders because it also provides weekly swing analysis along with providing services like live charted pre-market ideas, technical trading, and option flow-based ideas. The chat room facility is available 24/7 so doubt clearing will also be easier for the new learners.

The above platforms contain very learned groups of swing traders who don’t shy away from teaching their successful strategies. Again, everyone has a different preference so go through the free trials first and choose your swing trading mentor wisely.

Trade Ideas

The Trade Ideas Chat Room can help swing traders catch the market movements of stocks on a real-time basis. Hosted by Barrie Einarson, an experienced day and swing trader, this chat room is an excellent platform where you can express your views and opinions regarding different securities and Trade Ideas services. It covers almost all the markets in the world but is mainly focused on the US market. Barrie performs daily streaming during market hours in the trading room which is dedicated mainly to the day traders and swing traders. Though access to the trading room can be obtained free of cost, there are subscription charges to access the Trade Ideas platform and its tools.

Warrior Trading

Founded by professional trader Ross Cameron, Warrior Trading houses several kinds of chat rooms including a Warrior Pro Mentor Room. In these chatrooms, you can ask and discuss various questions and answers based on in-depth day trading and swing trading strategies. However, the subscription charges are on the higher side at  $5997 per year or $4,297 one-time payment. Besides, there is also a Warrior Lounge which does not focus on any specific topic as such but can be used by the users to interact with each other.

Star Alliance Capital Partners

It is a professional and active trading chat room where traders discuss new and unique trading strategies used by the most successful and active traders in the field. This chat room is suitable for both professional and beginner traders interested in trading including swing traders. Newbies can join this chat room to learn how to day trade or swing trade the market in a whole new way. Moreover, you can learn certain proprietary trading methods along with technical chart analysis, market psychology, Level II, and momentum styles of trading, if you follow the chat room diligently.

Turbo Trading

Turbo Trading has a total of six trader chat rooms ideal also for swing traders. Moderated by three trading experts with expertise across trades, this chat room provides continuous live commentary and trade alerts and comes with a screen-sharing facility. It shares fresh trading ideas frequently and starts one hour before the bell rings on NYSE trading days only. Swing Traders can take up their Swing Trader Annual membership at just $149 per month and trade conveniently using facilities like Swing Trade Alerts, live Webinars, and so on.

Fast Money Traders

Operated by a US army veteran turned day trader, the Fast Money Traders chat room is both for day traders and swing traders. It covers pre-market movers 30 mins prior to the opening bell every day so that the traders can get an idea about what is being watched for a long or short and what is being looked at for making an entry. The chat room remains open during the market hours and any questions asked by anyone are answered during the market hours itself. However, the chat room has certain strong guidelines that need to be followed by every participant.

The Strategy Lab

The Strategy Lab has live real-time price action chat rooms for every kind of trader including swing traders. In its private threads, price action traders post their trade journals or price action analysis of the markets which is quite beneficial for other traders. You can also access its WRB Analysis and Volatility Trading TSL chat rooms for a fixed fee, which are a kind of private real-time price action strategy and market discussion chat rooms.

Today the market is quite saturated with various kinds of trading chat rooms. Each one of them possesses different advantages and disadvantages and none of them can be considered as a complete package. However, the above-mentioned chat rooms are good in general and can contribute significant value to their participants.


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