8 Ways to Invest in Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin

Since its arrival in 2009, Bitcoin has been the recipient of much interest from investors who have the stomach for the wild ups and downs of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. But when you consider that one Bitcoin is currently worth a tad more than US$9,000, you can appreciate that early adopters who’ve held onto their positions have made a small fortune.

Even so, the technology underpinning Bitcoin, namely the blockchain, could actually present an even more tangible investment opportunity for savvy investors. Blockchain, in case you're not familiar, refers to a public ledger detailing cryptocurrency transactions. And all you have to do is look at some of the global enterprises that are either testing or fully using blockchain technology to see that there is some value that shrewd investors can potentially tap into for sizable gains.

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So, how do you get in on the action without having to take on more risk than you’re comfortable with? Read on for 8 ways to invest in the blockchain without buying Bitcoin.

1. Overstock.com

An online e-commerce company focused on selling surplus goods, Overstock.com [NASDAQ:OSTK] has adopted blockchain technology. In fact, the company late in 2017 saw its stock value climb noticeably after it adopted additional blockchain-based processes. And analysts covering the company believe that Overstock.com could be a $100+ stock this year.

2. Mastercard

Since last fall, Mastercard [NYSE:MA] has been using blockchain technology to process payments. This technology is particularly useful for an organization like Mastercard since it facilitates processing payments without having to deal with currency exchanges or national boundaries. As well, the company currently holds a patent that could see it eventually roll out debit cards and credit cards based on blockchain technology.

3. Kodak

Kodak [NYSE:KODK] ran into a bit of trouble a while back after failing to adapt as the photography industry went digital, but the company appears to have learned its lesson and is looking for a new lease on life courtesy of blockchain technology. The company’s KodakCoin, for instance, is designed to change how photographers are compensated for images royalties.

4. Nvidia

Nvidia [NASDAQ:NVDA], a visual computing company, is another way to invest in blockchain without buying Bitcoin. The company is making its mark in the blockchain-based technology space with its GPUs. On another note, the company reported in excess of $100 million in third quarter revenue from blockchain.

5. IBM

While blockchain technology is still relatively new, IBM [NYSE:IBM] has a couple of years of related experience under its belt and has been given the nod by at least one research firm as the top blockchain-based firm. IBM’s blockchain technology for regulators, companies, and governments has shown demonstrable reduction in dispute resolution.

6.  Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust

Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust [OTC:GBTC] is a great way  to track the movements of Bitcoin. So, rather than obtaining an exchange account and purchasing cryptocurrencies, you can purchase GBTC using a brokerage account.

7. Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF

Exchange-traded funds are investment funds that are publicly traded on stock exchanges. They traditionally hold stocks, bonds, and commodities. The Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF [NASDAQ:BLCN] holds some companies that are pursuing blockchain strategies, like Overstock, Intel, and Overstock.com. So, investing in this ETF will give you some exposure.

8. Amazon

Amazon [NASDAQ:AMZN]'s ecosystem is conierable as the company is engaged in the retail sale of consumer products and subscriptions in a number of verticals. It is now seeking to make a splash in blockchain. It recently announced an investment in blockchain through its partner ecosystem. Taking a position in the world's No. 3 information technology company based on revenue could help you to benefit from Bitcoin without having to directly invest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the grand daddy of cryptocurrencies, and despite its volatility, it has shown remarkable staying power over the last nine or so years. Even so, many investors prefer not to pursue investments that are subject to wild ups and downs. If you’re a more cautious investors and yet don’t want to stand idly by on the sidelines, then investing in companies experimenting with or using blockchain technology is your way in. Happy and profitable investing!

Written By: Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas