5 Year Performance of Canadian Quant Based Strategies Monthly Re-balancing with 10 Stocks

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With the launch of our new stock discovery tool powered by ShareAlpha, we wanted to share the 5 year performance of all strategies our users can deploy. These are based on Canadian stocks. We will update this monthly as new data is inputted. See below for this months returns!

Quant Based Returns.png

Best Factor Strategy:


Momentum CAD Return -Oct 2018.png
momentum performance.png

Best Guru Investor Strategy:

Warren Buffet

warren buffet canadian strategy.png
warren buffet canadian perfomance.png

Best Strategy:

Idiosyncratic Momentum

idio momentum chart.png
idio momentum perfomance.png

This is the first post, previous months returns will be linked here.

Last updated Oct 9th, 2018