Hashtag Investing Launching Exclusive Channel #Daytraders

Hashtag Investing is approaching it's twp year birthday. As a website built and focused on growing a high quality investing community we've definitely had our ups and downs. As other people in the online space would understand, growing an online community is incredibly hard. It's not a E-commerce website, not a SaaS model tech company, but a site where the value laus in the hands of its members. Without members, there is no community.. The quality of the community is directly correlated to the quality of the members. 

At Hashtag Investing we've focused on trying improve the quality as much as possible. We've sacrificed letting in large numbers as we knew it would compromise the quality of people coming in. That is why we pivoted to be an application and membership based community. Since then, although it slowed growth, it began bringing in serious investors who want to learn and share with other smart people. After two years, Hashtag Investing is slowly becoming one of the higher quality communities for investors out there. While the activity is lower than that of Reddit, Stocktwits, Warrior Trading, Stock Rants, etc. Hashtag Investing is a truly friendly group where people can safely learn and chat about stock investing, crypto trading, options, and now finally, daytrading. If you are looking for alternatives to Stocktwits, Stockrants, and Warrior Trading, Hashtag Investing is definitely an option you should check out. 

One of the reasons we're still alive today is due to the fact that we are always looking for feedback and opportunities to grow and bring in more valuable people. Our strength is due to the fact that we have lots of investors from diverse backgrounds and by adding new investing topics into the group it accelerated learning for everyone. Late last year in 2017 we launched a chat channel for cryptocurrency. We brought in many members from this and it helped the more traditional investors learn about digital currency and bitcoin. Cryptocurrency was also an area where there were lots of low quality groups with lots of a scams, trolls, and untrustworthy people. 

While daytrading isn't as new of a industry like cryptocurrency, it is still an investing style that has a lot of low quality communities and groups. Some of these groups are loaded with high spam and lots of trolls. Some of the groups promise to make you a millionaire within a few days of joining. Our focus for Hashtag Investing day traders chat group is to be an actual high quality environment where there is no false promises, no spam, and absolutely no trolls. 

Staying true to the Hashtag Investing way, all new members must go through a application process. This allows us to see which applicants are truly interested in partaking in a community like this. 

If you are interested in joining our chat room for day traders click on the button below!