Why we are building an exclusive Investing real-time mobile chat community.


Investing. We all know this word and know it's importance. Whether it is mentioned in phrases like, "Put your money to work" or, "Get your money to make you more money", or even "Use your money to create passive income channels" we all chase the idea of growing our savings through smart investing decisions. 

Everyone invests differently. No one idea, no one style is better than any other. It is just what works for certain people. There are so many different ways to invest. Real estate, stock trading, venture capital, business, and even newer ways like cryptocurrency has made people millions. 

With all these different methods it is hard to know everything. Sure, we can Google how to invest in Bitcoin but let's be honest, a quick article won't give you as much information as you need to begin doing it. You need to discuss with several people and get different experiences with it. You need to discuss it. You need to get as much information as you can in as quick as time as possible. Opportunity does not last forever. 

The very basis of building this chat community is that knowledge is power.  Knowing as much as possible in a short time to make a good investing decision. Having the power of over 100 investing individuals in your pocket in a real-time chat will allow you to find out right away whether you should make an offer on an investment property, buy the stock that just dropped 25%, or get into the Bitcoin market. 

Our chat community now is over 100 members from varying backgrounds and skillsets. The community is built on a Slack chat platform. This allows for an organized chat based community on either your laptop or mobile device. Think of a whatsapp group where every topic is organized in sub-categories. 

Our goal as a community is to create a diverse and exclusive community where discussions lead to smart decisions, and these smart decisions lead to incredible investments with phenomenal returns.