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Hi Jason Would you be able to tell us how you got started in stock investing?

I got started in stock investing in 2010 after I won a stock market competition on the Investopedia Portfolio Simulator at the finance club of the University of Waterloo.

What is your current investing style? What kind of returns are you seeing?

My investment philosophy is growth at a reasonable price, also known as GARP. I don’t like to invest in high-flying momentum stocks like Tesla but I also don’t try to buy value stocks such as General Motors. My last major buy happened 3 months ago with AMD. I’ve seen gained 32% on the position. Year-to-date, my portfolio has gained 25%.

What do you like about Hashtag Investing?

It like the integrations in the chat that make it extremely easy to see price charts of various stocks, on-demand, all in real-time. It is an exclusive group of people so it is not difficult to keep track of everyone’s thoughts. 

Thoughts on the current market?

The markets will continue to rally because the economic statistics do not indicate a recession in the near term. In addition, the continuing decline in the USD will keep the US equity markets up. The markets are pricing in a more dovish Fed compared to the rest of the world. This is a worldview that I am in agreement with. The biggest risk to the stock market rally is President Trump because he is unpredictable and so far, he had a poor track record trying to get Congress to repeal the ACA. If he is unable to convince Congress to raise the debt ceiling, the entire U.S. government will shut down. Another issue is North Korea as they are not backing down from the will to destroy the US. Congress has shown a lack of willingness to execute Trump’s plans. As a result, I advise an underweight position on U.S. financials and an overweight on Canadian financials.